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Welcome to Shanti Wellness.

SHANTI, a Sanskrit word meaning PEACE. May you find inner peace here.

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Hello everyone! This is Cherry. I used to be a sport event PR and an air hostess. Then yoga found me and I started building a career and life on holistic healthy living, incorporating yoga with wellness and spirituality. I first learnt about yoga and mindfulness in 2012 and found it'd provided me with a good mental and physical balance.

I received my first professional yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. I put yoga and mental health at a higher priority in life, so I continue to pursue education in wellness industry. Now I am a certified tuning fork therapist, NASM nutrition coach, certified yin yoga instructor, certified kids yoga and mindfulness teacher and yoga wheel instructor.

I like to personalize each class for my students to meet their needs and body conditions. I emphasize on body-mind connections and always structures my class with fun elements and appropriate level of challenge. My goal is to bring a well-rounded wellness service to people with different background and age group. 

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