Chakra Tuning 脈輪調頻

Resonate with the flow of universe, brings in balance and peace.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Starting at HKD600
  • At client's designated location.

Service Description

What will you expect from a Tuning Fork Therapy session with Cherry? Cherry will first ask simple questions to find out if you are having any medical issues and emotional distress. She will then guide you through some breathwork and gentle stretching to wind down. You will then lie down, Cherry will use padalum to check all of your chakra conditions before you receive the therapy and discuss with you if any misalignment is found. The tuning forks with different vibrations may be placed directly or indirectly on and around your body to bring in peace and harmony. You may feel the sounds and vibrations surrounding you throughout the session. Your brain wave may also be affected by the frequency of the forks and bring you deep relaxing feelings. Benefits of using tuning forks for human body tuning: - Assists the body to activate its self-healing capacity. It helps release nitric oxide (NO), which is one of the smallest molecules in nature and nitric oxide is fundamental to all life. - Balance nervous system and quiet down busy mind - Improve sleeping quality - Facilitate connection with inner self - Cleans aura (energy field surrounding all livings) - Reduce stress and increase mental clarity - Encourage blood flow & lymphatic draining

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours in advance. Class fee is non- refundable, however, reschedule is accepted and the credit can be used within 7 days after the original booking.

Contact Details

+852 6078 9431

Hong Kong